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@antrad Thanks! That worked like a charm. Just need to fiddle around with DGVoodoo a bit more and it's golden.

My only worry now is playing on maps where the AI's algorithms are tied to processor speed... (Behind Enemy Lines lel)

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@M123 @M123

  1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to your Machines install folder, then drag-and-drop Machines.exe onto the _inmm.dll setup window.

Having problems here. Dragging and dropping the .exe file doesn't seem to be doing anything in the setup window. The "search" tab won't find the program (most of the listed entries are in symbol font and all the help documents appear to be in Japanese). The "patch" button also remain grayed out.

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o7 all. This is my first post here but I've been lurking for a number of years keeping tabs on any and all progress towards a Machines remake. Hopefully one day...

In any case, I finally got around to installing and running Machines on my Windows 10. Suffice to say with some help from M123's guide-

I managed to get my copy to work (so far) almost perfectly. I just have one issue.

The game's music is very loud, and covers up all other audio almost totally. In addition, the "music" slider in the options menu doesn't do squat (it even resets itself to the default position at 0% after closing out of the options menu), while the "SFX" slider adjusts all volume, including music. So then all i get is quieter music and impossible to hear regular SFX.

If it's a case of editing a .config file, I've never seen one in the data folder for Machines. While this is partially so I can run my own music while playing- it's also more of a quality of life thing from the gameplay perspective. The music in Machines is, to quote the grunt units- "kick-ass", but not when it's blasting and covering everything else.

Any thoughts?

EDIT Tried playing a singleplayer map shortly after this initial post, the menu music plays as it normally would, and once in-game the music plays- for one track. After the song ends the music does not continue to play.

I will add that due to the physical nature of my setup I use a USB to 3.5mm audio jack adapter for my headphones. Though I can't possibly see how that should affect anything like this, since it hasn't affected anything else.

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