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Hi darkreaper88 have you tried using old modding tools? Those should work fine, upcoming release facilitates scenario customisation and fixes all mentioned here issues (in current one some of them are fixed). Language localisation packs are not going to work. See modding section for information and asking questions.

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@antrad I'm planning my own approach of using GAN's and CNN's in up-scalling process, not sure when though. This requires an small research in dataset preparation, deconvolution patterns elimination techniques, recent publications and some extra processing powers.

There should be implementations available, which are utilizing OpenCL instead of CUDA, not sure if you encounter a problems with running out of GPU's memory or how long it would take to optimize new model/dataset parameters on a single card (2-12 hours perhaps).

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@antrad So you are done with textures up-scaling? That is good.
There is no blog to read but some instant messaging server mentioned in readme and here. It seems to be a bit more active so you should get answers quite instantly. Project development is connected with interest around it and my free time (I'm working on other things) - for now do not except frequent updates.
Aside from that I think I can make it before the 21th anniversary, at 40th world will become a different place almost without a middle class - you can't go too far with a civilisation built on top of burning an oil or coal, you know...

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This looks promising and I was thinking about similar thing. Texture size limit can be changed to whatever but GPU memory usage will raise, how much do you think you need? Example for single texture 2048⋅2048⋅4⋅1.5(mipmapping) = 26MB (about), it is sane to keep the limit reasonable. This can be problematic for old computers with less than 512MB graphics memory hence many texture sets or down-scaling on load are needed.
LOD's can be disabled with additional option but difference is not so noticeable. Game runs on single thread and lighting is done in old way on vertex buffers by CPU - you can feel the performance drop in extreme test cases even with decent processor.

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@X-Lord Sounds like you have disabled screen resolution lock, check if it is marked - it does not work as intended for now.
Make sure that selected mode refresh rate corresponds to your desktop settings or try rest of the modes. Correct settings are automatically detected on first run.
Does the problem occur when running the game in windowed mode or as administrator/root (it should be unnecessary)? Are you using multiple monitor displays setup? How many of them? What is your OS and graphics card?

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Heya all, game had its 20 anniversary a few months ago, that would be good to celebrate it somehow - maybe by playing the game? With this patch there is no problem to run it on newest computers with latest Windows or Linux systems. No wrappers or additional third-party tools are needed, game engine was ported to modern and open multi-platform standards (like OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL2 yeah DirectX is no more here) from original game sources. Thanks to ENet high performance networking library you can enjoy four players mayhem multiplayer sessions without lags or other limitations. Some of the in-game limits were increased as well.

Get the latest release from here:
Game assets
Windows native executable 64-bit | Windows native executable 32-bit
Linux native executable 64-bit | Linux native executable 32-bit

Installation is super easy, just extract all the game assets and then all the executables into "machines" extracted assets directory. Please do not try to use original game files since some new extra ones are required. Remember to check out the enclosed readmes.

Adding a new features to the game is in consideration and probably will happen however can't write much more now.

Thanks to a small group of people from here for testing an early builds.

With a love to the game,

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Hi, I am a creator of the models ripping tools from 2011's so answering the main question, yes it is original map, I would even not bother to recreate it manually. And of course it was possible even back in 2011 but nobody noticed that all needed is lying here around. Reboot is considerable but for now seems like I am the only one software developer capable of doing that. Some new IP owner is trying to mess with the game (for now he only announces so) but it is reasonable to expect a miserable effect. Topic of modding the original game (poorly written piece of software) is mostly exhausted.
One more sample, ahh demo version memories:
Catch up before volcano explodes!

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Looks like many independent bulletin board systems have their little crisis, ehh kids these days? I have noticed that many gamers communities, developers including, have moved somewhere, Discord noticeably. Is that bad? Maybe, said an "old fart" who appreciates commitment of individuals what is hard to see nowadays.
So I have created experimental server on this platform since I can't find any existing WFW related and I would like to invite anybody interested. What is point of this? I don't know, this might be a place to find potential players, modders or something.
Catch up before this place become an desert!

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Yes, it is possible to use produced output, anywhere you want.

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You can't downgrade directX explicitly. Only one way that comes to my mind is by replacing dynamic linked libraries for DX with older ones. However this might make your system faulty & I think that nature of this problem is somewhere else. In older windows it was possible to list files via dxdiag tool (run -> dxdiag), not sure how it looks now.
Once I tried run game on wine for Debian, everything seems to work perfect excepts 3D. Objects were distorted, some coordinates offset, no output errors. Maybe programmers have implemented some part of code in tricky way, which not works nowadays.machWine.jpeg

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