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No prob :)

I have to commit some time to modernizing it a bit. It's in need of some updates.

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@M123 said:

You didn't miss anything - due to the limitations of the ISO format, the music is not present in the Disk 2 ISO files available from the site.

Until someone updates the downloads with disk images in a format that supports CD audio, the instructions I posted are the only way I know of to get working music using the files available here.

I went ahead and dug up my Alcohol 120% clones of the disks and added them to the download post. Hopefully this helps some people. :)

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Man, what a throwback. I'm an adult now. How weird.

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@bilal You won't need to reinstall anything if you upgrade :)

Windows 10 is quite good - I encourage you to give it a try!

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@Pisarz said:

Cool! I couldn't upload my files anyway.

Let me know if you have trouble uploading and we'll figure it out!

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Uploading to the forum since external sites don't tend to survive forever: sounds.rar

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Should we have a Development section here on the forums where we can put stuff like this?

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Sweet, thanks !

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If we could get that'd be awesome!

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