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Extremely late, but thank you so much for all the love and effort poured into my childhood game. Can't wait to enjoy it all over again.

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What are thoooose?

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Try M123's instructions here.

It involves dgVoodoo. Seems to have worked for some people. Give it a try.

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The Machines Demo on the Turok 2 demo is what introduced me to the game. I saw Turok 2 remastered on Steam a few days ago, too. I really hope someone does that for Machines.

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Machines will live on.

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Oh no, I passed the one-month rollback point.

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I'm on Windows 10. I got the patch installed and using d3drm. Compatibility mode on for Windows XP.
When starting up Machines for the first time, it made me install a "Windows Feature" named DirectPlay or something.

Anyway, it looked like the screen was moved down and to the right, way off-center.
Framerate even in the menu is terrible.
Opening the options menu produces pink artifacts everywhere, and exiting the menu crashes the game.
I'll take screenshots later.

Edit: Managed to get it working by disabling the desktop scaling thing, but the framerate still makes it completely unplayable. Can't even navigate the menu very well.

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Reminded me of this.... Skip to 3:14


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Probably irrelevant, but eh...
Ion Cannon ownage!.jpg

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